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The Mailman's Children was a Canadian Rock band that released four records before disbanding in 2015. Also known as TMC, the band toured much of North America and shared stages with the likes of Wide Mouth Mason, Sass Jordan, Alannah Myles, The Northen Pikes, Brian Tataryn & Ken Currie of The Guess Who, Ben Darvill of the Crash Test Dummies, and more.


While the core of the band remained the same: Eric LaBossiere (vocals, rhythm guitar), Joël Pérreault (lead guitar, backing vocals), Joel Couture (bass) and Eddie Vesely (drums)...other players to have taken part in the journey include Frank Landry (lead guitarist), André Clement (drums), Jean-François Chevrier (drums), Joel Cyr (drums), Ivan Burke (drums), and Eric Manaigre (keys, backing vocals).


In 2021, a few members of The Mailman's Children formed Pop Rock band Hello Fiasco when joining forces with other known Canadian artists. Hello Fiasco releases their debut album "Find The Shoreline" in 2022.

Photos by Lindsay Gjerde

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