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Eric LaBossiere

​​Eric LaBossiere is the front man and principal songwriter of The Mailman's Children, a band he formed in 2000. Labossiere previously played with Canadian band Skyline Fake and has also performed solo as The Mailman's Child.

Along side John Paul Peters of Private Ear Recording, LaBossiere has also played the role of co-producer for the band's last 3 studio records. 

Role: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, principal songwriter. 

Joel Couture (Joe C)

Although Labossiere went through a few members before creating what is known today as The Mailman's Children, it was Joe C who was the first real and permanent member to join TMC in the spring of 2000.  Couture has also performed with Matt Epp, Justin Lacroix band, and Vesely Couture.


Role: Bassist, fashion, songwriter. 


Joël Perreault (Joe P)

Joel Perreault was the last addition to the original line up of TMC in the early fall of 2000.  He joined right before the release of the band's first disc "Maritime Sun" and had to play catch up, learning about 15 songs in a very short period of time.  Perreault has performed with many talented acts including Marie Josee Clement, Justin Lacroix Band and Jocelyne Baribeau.  He is known not only for his musicianship but also his skills as a songwriter and recording engineer/producer.

Role: Lead guitarist, backing vocals, songwriter.

Ivan Burke

Joined The Mailman's Children in 2013 as their touring drummer.  Went on to record drums for the band's 4th studio effort "The Spiders We Eat" and has never looked back.  Ivan has played with the likes of JP Hoe, Justin Lacroix Band, Del Barber, Matt Epp, Rosie & Riveters, KIN, Raphaël Freynet, Toby, Marie Josee Clement, Hollerin' Pines and more.  

Role: Drums, backing vocals, songwriter.


Guy Abraham

After being asked to sing and play piano on 14 out of 21 new tracks with TMC between 2016 and 2019, Guy was officially announced as the 5th member of the band at the top of 2020. Guy has now become the band's main backing vocalist and piano/keys player. Guy has also expanded the band's live sound by introducing Ableton to the lineup. 

Guy previously performed as lead singer for The Velvet Pill and The Mission Light. He has also performed solo as a singer/songwriter for many years. Most recently he formed the duo project NEW SUM.

Role: Backing vocals, piano/keys, Ableton, songwriter. 

A man and his tele

Perreault, a late night recording at Private Ear.