Coined a North American or "Can-American" rock band, The Mailman's Children (TMC) is stationed out of both Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and Helena, Montana, USA, with their frontman Eric LaBossiere currently living on the US side. 

Known for smooth and passionate vocals, LaBossiere writes songs that are very personal in nature yet relatable to most. In recent years, he has said that he writes songs as a reminder of lessons learned and things to "not do again," all the while providing a message of hope, assuring the listener that we can all survive and laugh off the difficulties of our complex lives. 


Musically, the band is known for its driving bass and drums, as well as its sonic guitar and piano interplay. Although they always remember to incorporate memorable hints and flavors of the past, The Mailman's Children have been deemed visionaries with a fresh sound. TMC has now released 4 records, producing rock and acoustic tunes, ballads, and instrumentals. However, their biggest and most comprehensive studio work is slated for release in 2020. 

After a lot of time spent writing new material and after a lot of pre-production, the band made constant trips to the studio between July, 2016 and August, 2019, laying down a total of 21 new songs. The band recorded the tracks at Private Ear Recording in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They chose to record there for a third straight time because of their great working relationship with John Paul Peters. Once again, the effort was co-produced by John Paul Peters & Eric Labossiere.

As a new addition to the band, Guy Abraham recorded on 14 out of the 21 songs, performing backing vocals, piano and keys. In the end, the collection of songs included several notable guest appearances including Erin Propp (Chronograph Records) who sang on three of the songs, Jamie Lillie (New Sum) who sang back ups on two of the songs," Emma Quackenbush (Winnipeg Symphony) who performed cello on "Good People," Bill Western who performed lap steel on "Good People," Rayannah (Canadian Solo Recording Artist) who performed piano on "Good People," and John Paul Peters (The Undecided) who performed violin, guitar and backing vocals on multiple songs.


One year after the birth of TMC in 2000, songwriter and lead vocalist LaBossiere had recruited the principal musician line-up that remains to this day: Joel Couture (Joe C) on bass and Joel Perreault (Joe P) on lead electric guitar and backing vocals.

In 2013, Ivan Burke filled the role of touring drummer for TMC. One year later, as the band started to record "The Spiders We Eat," he became their full-time drummer in both touring and recording, completely taking over for long-time member Eddie Vesely.  

At the end of 2019, and wanting to infuse the band with a more consistent backing vocal presence and piano/keys, the band announced a 5th member: Guy Abraham. Guy has also since taken on the challenge of adding Ableton to the band's live performance set up. 

TMC has done numerous TV and radio appearances, and toured much of North America. Capable of turning on their rock show or falling back on their acoustic charm, they’ve played with a variety of acts over the years to include Wide Mouth Mason, Sass Jordan, Alannah Myles, The Northen Pikes, Brian Tataryn & Ken Currie of THE GUESS WHO, Ben Darvill of The Crash Test Dummies (SON OF DAVE), Roller, Greg MacPherson, Pushing Daisies, Keith and Renee, Sinclair, Budapest (UK), Mark Reeves, Leaderhouse and many more.  They have played great venues far and wide such as The HORSESHOE Tavern, BLACKDOG Freehouse, IRONWOOD Stage & Grill, BIG BOP Building, The PYRAMID Cabaret, The WEST END Cultural Center, McNALLY'S Tavern, ROCKBOTTOM, LANCASTER Taphouse, The Cathedral, ROCKWATER Grill & Bar, REDS, MORGAN'S on 17th, PRARIE INK Cafe, McNally Robinson's, SIDETRACK Cafe, The METRO, FREETIMES Cafe, BUSHWAKKER Brewpub, GRIZZbar, T-BAR, and tons more.

Photos by Lindsay Gjerde